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Buena Onda

Creating symbiotic relationships between volunteers and projects.

Why Buena Onda?

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Buena Onda takes the mystery out of volunteering abroad. We offer seamless coordination of transportation, accommodation and project placement within Guatemala. With our Build Your Trip billing plan, we help you customize the transportation, accommodation and project placement for your trip. Prior to your arrival, you pay your tab with Buena Onda and we take care of paying our partners. 

Our Principals & Values:

  • Volunteers and partner organizations have a shared responsibility to collaborate and cooperate in the best interest of the communities in which they both serve.
  • Volunteers have rights as well as responsibilities
  • Organizational practices ensure meaningful volunteer involvement within a safe, welcoming and supportive
  • In turn, volunteers are expected to act with respect and integrity for the organization, their cause, and most importantly, the wider community in which they work.

What We Offer: 

Personalized group trips

Buena Onda specializes in group volunteer trips. We will help you personalize and build the perfect group volunteer trip. We take the time to meet with your group leader individually so that we can match your group with one of the excellent organizations in our community of partners. Our network primarily consists of small organizations that need your help, organizations that you may not hear of otherwise. If you are bringing a group, Buena Onda can coordinate every single aspect and request of your trip, from accommodation and food to transportation and your group’s important volunteer placement.

Please take a moment to fill out this group application form. 

Individual volunteer placements

We also offer customized trips for individual volunteers. When you come to Buena Onda, you receive the attention, care, and respect that an incoming volunteer deserves.We pride ourselves on consistent, quick communication with you, so we can learn about your experience and expectations, and take the time to match you up to a project that you want to be with.

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Build your own trip with Buena Onda

With our local knowledge. Buena Onda can handle all the logistics for you so that you can concentrate on what really matters, the great impact you’ll leave with your volunteer project and surrounding community. When you build your trip, we work with you to provide our best recommendations and you make the choices that best suit your budget, needs, and comfort. Once you choose, we’ll send you a final invoice; with that, we will pay all the bills so that all is settled by the time you arrive!

We start with a 100$ USD placement fee

This fee is payable as we begin the placement process and is non-refundable. The Buena Onda fee acknowledges the energy and passion we put into the coordination and responsiveness we devote to every inquiry we receive.

Placing you with the right project

  • The staff at Buena Onda are knowledgeable of all our projects and will be able to assist you in finding the project that is right for you.

Accommodation assistance based on your budget

  • We have arrangements with the best guesthouses, hotels, and hostels. 

Airport transfer arrangements

  • We help you coordinate transportation from Guatemala City to your project location

Orientation of your new surroundings

  • Consider us your personal travel-guide. We will direct you to the best money exchange, most well-stocked pharmacies, best eating and drinking spots, where to purchase food, as well as many other useful tips. Buena Onda’s orientation will answer all the necessary questions so that you can feel at home from the day you arrive.

Assistance with Spanish classes

  • Whether a private tutor or a local Spanish school, Buena Onda has some of the best rates and all our teachers are experienced at all learning levels. Spanish is an essential component of any volunteer experience, let us help you find the best teachers so that your group can get the absolute most out of your volunteer experience!