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About Us

Buena Onda’s Beginnings

Scott Garrison and Collin Scott co-founded Buena Onda in May 2015. Both come from a professional educational background, with a shared belief that the most effective and sustainable change most often has to start at the community level. Soon it became clear that Buena Onda’s primary goal was to promote experiential learning and cross-cultural understanding by providing carefully-crafted immersion opportunities. Since then, Buena Onda has evolved to work with groups, interns, and volunteers of all ages, with the simultaneous motivations of personal and community development. With an expanding network of partner projects and deeper ties to international participants, Buena Onda continues to foster the global yet personal relationships that encourage our collaborators to move together towards a stronger Guatemala.

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What Makes Buena Onda Different

Whether in a group or as an individual adventurer, Buena Onda takes the mystery out of finding valuable, impactful learning opportunities in Guatemala. We are committed to effective development and, because of this, you can be sure that any of the projects we recommend are directly sourced from community needs. Our monitoring and evaluation ensure that your efforts extend far beyond the length of your volunteer time and that your contribution serves a lasting purpose.

Our Build Your Trip billing plan offers seamless coordination of your transportation, accommodation and any other logistical needs, all with your input and approval. Then, prior to your arrival, we can take care of paying all your initial bills so that you land in Guatemala ready to go from day 1. With our customized service, reliable communication, and in-country knowledge, Buena Onda is your personal assistant managing all the details so that you can focus on the exciting and important work you will do in Guatemala!

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Buena Onda Stands for Volunteer and Community Equally

  • Volunteers and partner organizations have a shared responsibility to collaborate and cooperate in the best interest of the communities in which they both serve.
  • Volunteers have rights as well as responsibilities
  • Organizational practices ensure meaningful volunteer involvement within a safe, welcoming and supportive
  • In turn, volunteers are expected to act with respect and integrity for the organization, their cause, and most importantly, the wider community in which they work.

Check out our Volunteer Standards and Organizational Standards for more details on our mutually-beneficial approach.

What You Can Expect from Buena Onda

Experiential Learning and Local Expertise
All our staff lives in Guatemala and we have access to the real-time information that affects your visit. We apply this information into providing the most integrated, safest, and rewarding learning environments that can only be constructed by those with deep community connections.

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Plan Ahead with the Pros

Planning your trip can naturally be a bit stressful. Let us help!

You are coming to Guatemala with an open heart and an open mind. We want to make sure you also feel confident, safe, and excited. Whether a short-term volunteer experience or one that lasts months, we take the guesswork out of choosing a project as we guide you to those where your time is most valuable and effective.

And because Guatemala has so much natural beauty and character, we help with itineraries, tips, and recommendations for those times that you want to explore.

Confident communication

We respect your time and always respond to any inquiries as quickly as possible. You know that details are not falling between the cracks because you work with the same in-country coordinator throughout the process.

We understand budgets

We know that money is a very real factor when considering how much time to spend in Guatemala. With your input, we construct itemized, transparent budgets that clearly layout your initial expenses. Then, we pay all the bills before your arrival so you don’t need to immediately go out to find an ATM.

We’re here for you, whether leading a group or going for it on your own. Send us a message to see what we can do for you!

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