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How We Work

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Like with any relationship, communication is key. We understand and respect your schedule and planning requirements. We get back to you right away so that you can move forward without worry. Our affordable coordination fee of (US) $100 per participant is the lowest of any around, and, with this, you receive:

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  • Placement with the best project: We know all of our community partners personally and we communicate with them frequently; therefore, you know that your skills, passions, and goals align with the real-time needs of the community.
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation within your budget: We have arrangements with the best guesthouses, hotels, and hostels.
  • Dependable transportation with our most trusted drivers: Whether an airport transfer or further afield, our drivers and their vans are your peace of mind.
  • Orientation of your new surroundings: Consider us your personal travel guide. We direct you to the best money exchange, most well-stocked pharmacies, best eating and drinking spots, where to purchase food, as well as many other useful tips. Buena Onda’s orientation  answers all the necessary questions so that you can feel at home from the day you arrive.
  • Assistance with Spanish classes: Whether a private tutor or a local Spanish school, Buena Onda has some of the best rates for learners at all levels.
  • Budget and bill pay: We provide an itemized budget of all your expenses, and then we offer an optional service to pay all your bills before your arrival.
  • Community connections: We are sensitive to community histories and realities and, therefore, we always work in partnership with a local leader. The local leader is actively involved and helps foster the trust and communication needed to make yours a successful experience.

To get started, send us an email with a little information about you and we will respond right away!

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