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Scott first worked as the volunteer coordinator for a small nonprofit organization outside of Antigua. He transitioned to a teaching position with Antigua International School and, in his second year at AIS, designed and directed the school’s community service program. With this experience, Scott came to know many local organizations and the scope of their work. Upon leaving the school, Scott started his own organization called Ceiba, an experiential learning program for teenagers that has a core in community service learning. All of these fantastic connections and developments have given directly to Buena Onda.

As the Volunteer Match and Resource Center coordinator, Scott looks forward to meeting new volunteers and organizations and helping to connect them with each other. From Scott’s past professional experiences and studies in motivation and reflection in his Master of Education program in Melbourne, Australia, he has a strong conviction in the transformative power that a successful relationship can bring. For the benefit of the volunteer, organization, and, ultimately, Guatemala, Scott’s goal is to elevate the volunteer experience while supporting the important work that Buena Onda’s network organizations do every day.

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