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Volunteer Standards & Guidelines


Mutual respect is the foundation of a successful and impactful volunteer placement. Volunteers recognize that they have a responsibility to the organization, but most importantly, the local community in which they work.  As a volunteer, your attitudes and behaviors reflect not only on your home country or your organization but on all non-profit workers in the country.  We expect our volunteers to act with integrity both inside and outside of the workplace. While organizations are obliged to provide volunteers with a safe, welcoming and supportive work environment, volunteers acknowledge their responsibility to act with a high level of professionalism and respect.


Living and working in a foreign country is difficult. Our organizations are committed to your personal and professional development as a volunteer and Buena Onda is here to support both volunteers and organizations at every step of the way. When difficulties arise, know that organizational staff and Buena Onda team members are here to help. We all take volunteerism seriously and communication is important to ensure the most positive experience possible.


We expect volunteers to make an effort to learn about the culture and history of the communities in which they work. Recognizing what is and is not appropriate in different cultural contexts is not always easy. In line with our standards of respect and integrity, we expect our volunteers to monitor their behaviors to ensure a mutually positive experience for volunteers, our partner organizations and local community members. Communication is important to us and doubts will arise. Remember, Buena Onda is here to help!


Volunteers, especially in the grassroots organizations in the Buena Onda network, are essential to the success of daily operations. As a volunteer, our partners and communities are counting on you to show up on the days and times you agree to. Combined with the three preceding guidelines, your consistent participation is a great benefit to all involved and a reflection of your personal commitment to building a fairer, more just world.

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