Be Good & Be Well: Guatemala Will Be Here For You

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As our world battles the spread of COVID-19, many of us are feeling stressed out and helpless. But what if you could mitigate those feelings, that you can do something? Helping others can benefit you emotionally and physically.

Studies show that those who volunteer, are generous, and are helpful to others, are less likely to feel anxious and stressed. Known as the “helper’s high,” it demonstrates how, after completing service to others, there is an increase in positive emotions.

All of us at Buena Onda know how grateful we are that we can give back to our community and feel good doing it. But during uneasy times like these, how can we take care of ourselves and our community through volunteering?

That tends to be the question many are asking as we find ourselves isolated from our places of work, our friends and families, and the activities we are most passionate about. But there are ways we can still do good while being well.

Helping Hands Without Reaching

While many think that in order to volunteer, they have to be physically active, interact with and socialize with others. But we know that there are other ways to exercise our generosity and our wish to do good things in our world without risking our health, or the health and safety of others.

If you are looking for ways you can lend a hand without physically interacting, we’ve come up with ways you can do good and in turn, feel great.

  • Be a listening ear. Right now, we need to communicate with others and be a listening ear. Sometimes just talking on the phone or through video chat with a friend or loved one is just the amount of generosity we need to spread.
  • Donate. We know many are dealing with financial hardship. But if you are fortunate to have finances to share, make a donation to a timely cause. Or donate supplies that you have compiled that you simply do not need. So many are going without because they did not have the funds to prepare. Use your preparedness to do good for those around you.
  • Give advice. If you are like many, staying in place at home, you may find you have time on your hands. Use this time to be an advocate for a cause, or simply give advice to those looking to take a plunge into something new. We all have valid life experiences. We should share them to help the greater good when we can.
  • Plan ahead. Just because we can not do volunteer work right now does not mean we won’t be able to in the future. Start planning a future trip, (such as with Buena Onda) where you can give back. Right now we can all use something to look forward to, and if you are like us, the next opportunity to give back is just the type of thinking we want to do. Call a group of friends, video chat with co-workers, maybe make it a church trip. People want to help, so let’s do it.

We know that by doing good things and helping others, we’re helping ourselves, too. While it may seem like we can’t do things right now, there are so many ways we can give. But, when the time is right and you’re ready, Buena Onda will be waiting for you in beautiful Guatemala to make a difference.

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