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Build Your Trip

Build Your Trip

When you build your trip with Buena Onda, we work with you to provide local knowledge and expertise to customize a trip which best suit your needs. Once you've viewed the options for projects, transportation and accommodations, you make the final decision and we’ll send you the final invoice; with that, we will pay all the bills by the time you arrive! With Buena Onda you get competitive pricing and the peace of mind knowing that we’ve organized everything for you.

- Simplicity, reliability, peace of mind -

1. Send us an email through our contact page

2. Arrange a Skype meeting with our volunteer coordinator to speak about your specific interests and needs

3. We set you up with the right project, transportation and accommodation

4. All costs are added to your bill, with your consultation, and can be payed by Paypal prior to your arrival so that you don't have to worry about it once you arrive