Light At The End of The Tunnel, A Message of Hope, And An Opportunity to Help

street view of Guatemala

The people of Guatemala are fighters, working with their communities to rise above hardships, to survive and be better than ever before. Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus has proven to be another obstacle our people must take head-on.

Guatemala has been hit disproportionately with COVID-19 because of the long-term implications of country-wide shutdowns, loss of work, and lack of food and medication to sustain the communities.

In a video by videographers Francisco Sojuel and Alvaro De Castro Calatayud, available for viewing here, the short clips show how coronavirus has hurt the people and animals of Guatemala in ways unimaginable.

According to the New Humanitarian, 12% of the country’s gross domestic product is down since the start of COVID-19. And with strict lockdowns in place, many Guatemalans cannot go to work, and even if there are informal jobs that need to be done, they cannot go.

With so many out of work and unable to earn wages, the people have taken to the streets waving white or red flags, signaling the need for food and medicine. Some hang them from their homes.

Families have taken to using these flags to signal what their immediate needs are, as so many are looking for help.

With so many people and animals around the world suffering as a result of COVID-19 health and economic ramifications, many of us cannot wait to get back to helping those in need. But with travel restrictions in place, we must look to new ways to support our communities–both those we live in and those in our hearts.

We’ve compiled a list of charities who are collecting funds and donations for families in Guatemala as their communities try to come back together from the devastation.

You can also contact our team at Buena Onda if you have any questions about how you can support the people and animals of Guatemala at this time. Near and far, we can support the communities of Guatemala at this trying time.

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