Dreamy Travel Story Takes on World-Famous Guatemala Coffee

guatemalan cafe - Guatemala Coffee

Consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? You aren’t the only one! According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), approximately 1.4 billion cups of coffee are poured worldwide each day. But whether you are a local coffee shop regular, or a homebrewer, knowing where to get the best café wherever you are is critical to starting your day right. When you’re able to return to beautiful Guatemala, you should have an idea of where you can taste the world-famous Guatemala coffee, right?

Luckily, YouTube travelers, Dreamy Travel Story, has the details on the best coffee houses in La Antigua, Guatemala. From taste to the menu, culture to color, it’s all part of the experience when you pour yourself a cup of coffee in Antigua.

#1 Cafe Boheme – Pastries and Guatemala Coffee

If you want to experience traditional Antigua culture full of color, Cafe Boheme is the coffee shop for you. Even if it’s a particularly warm day, you don’t want to miss the delicious flavors of Guatemalan coffee that the nation is famous for. Not only are the coffee and pastries delightful, but the aesthetic is just what you would want in a Guatemala cafe.

#2 Saul L’Osteria Antigua

Isn’t brunch so much tastier when you travel? If you have the opportunity to visit Saul L’Osteria Antigua, your tastebuds will not be disappointed. Every day the cafe serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes. And if you need a quiet place to work, you can carve out a spot amongst the decor or outside.

#3 Y Tu Piña También

If you love retro-inspired design, then Y Tu Piña También is the perfect place for you. The ingredients are fresh and so is each cup of coffee poured.

#4 Bajo Colina Cafe – Smoothies, Craft Beer, and Guatemala Coffee

If you have had your fill of coffee, don’t worry. Bajo Colina Cafe has a little something for everyone. From delicious smoothies to craft beers, if you’re looking for a little happy hour or mid-day treat, you need to check out this cute cafe!

#5 GuateJava Roastery & Coffeehouse

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to rest your weary traveling feet, GuateJava has a seat for you. For some of the best-tasting coffee in Guatemala, you have to try it all–including a spicy coffee to wake up your senses or a traditional cafe Americano.

#6 Union Cafe – Vegan, Gluten-Free Food, Tea, and Guatemala Coffee

Get your cameras ready because Union Cafe just begs to be the highlight of your Instagram story. Their wide array of coffee and tea, as well as vegan and gluten-free food items, are a foodie’s dream. And the backgrounds, vining, and overall aesthetics just can’t help but make you feel like you’re on a photoshoot set.

#7 Canela

If you love homemade baked goods, craft beers, and vegan options, Canela is here for you. With beautiful indoor and outdoor garden seating, you’ll be ready to eat, drink, and be merry all day long.

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