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Volunteer Position in Finance & Administration

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Finance & Administration

This partner needs to establish better accounting and record systems, and must be accountable to their donors through the All Together Foundation. A team of pro bono consultants has partially designed a data collection system for the project. The volunteer will oversee the implementation, operation, and accuracy of Konojel’s financial and administrative systems. The position is expected to be half-time for the first three- to-six months. The project is located in San Marcos de la Laguna, Guatemala.  


  • Phase 1:
    • Review the recommendations of the consultants and advise of any changes that should be made
    • Supervise and implement a data collection and reporting system and assure that all receipts and expenditures are accounted.
    • Supervise or enter data into Quicken accounts in consultation with the board.
    • Assist in interviewing and hiring a finance and administration manager.
    • Conduct bi-weekly internet conference with ATF Chairman & Secretary / Treasurer, and prepare monthly written report on status and progress.
    • It is expected that Phase 1 will be complete within three to six months, and in no case later than December 31, 2017. 
  • Phase 2: 
    • Supervise the “closing” of the CY2017 accounting cycle.
    • Monitor monthly financial reports.
    • Review and audit accounting and reporting systems, in San Marcos, at least quarterly in CY2018, and at least twice a year thereafter.
    • Advise the board of the adequacy and accuracy of reporting, and make recommendations of changes as needed.
    • Oversee and evaluate the performance of the finance and administration manager and make recommendations to both the executive director and the board of directors regarding performance, corrective action, and compensation of the finance and administration manager.
    • Prepare written report and conduct internet conference with ATF Chairman & Secretary / Treasurer after each site review.
    • Report to the Board of Directors regarding the accuracy of the annual report to the Board. 


  • College degree, preferably in a business administration, finance, or accounting. Solid knowledge of accounting and management.
  • Minimum experience of five years in finance and administration, preferably with operational responsibility as a controller or accounting manager.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with word processing, spreadsheets, and Quicken.
  • Fluency in both written and spoken Spanish and English.