Five Things You Need For Your Trip to Guatemala

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Whether you are volunteering in Guatemala or visiting us on a welcomed trip, you may wonder what you need to pack along. While with Buena Onda, we’ll help prepare you for your volunteer excursion, here are five things you need for your trip to Guatemala!

#1. Combination Locks

Combination locks are a great way to protect your belongings no matter where you travel. But when you are traveling to ruins, adventuring on a hike, or just exploring new places, a combination lock ensures no matter where you go, your personal items are safe.

While your things are safe with the volunteer family you’ve been placed with, you may seek additional comfort by placing locks on the bags you carry with you daily.

Amazon carries amazing TSA-approved locks you can check out here.

#2. Proper Shoes

The weather may be warm in Guatemala but that doesn’t mean flip flops are the shoes of choice. From hiking boots to walking sneakers, you’ll need to ensure your footwear is going to support and maintain your journeys.

Take a look at these finds by GearLab.

#3. Travel Medication Pack

Sickness happens and so does minor injury. But when you are far away from home, having the comforts of simple medications and bandages can make all the difference. While you’ll need to have your prescription medications handled with care, you can find travel care packs at basically any store and online.

#4. Portable Charger

While with Buena Onda, you’ll be so busy you won’t be checking your phone that often, however, you’ll still want a portable charger to keep your cell phone at the ready.

In addition, having portable adapters will also prove useful!

#5. Day Pack for Your Trip

Having a busy schedule while traveling means that whatever you need for the day must be with you at all times. Having a day pack that you can trust is key.

Pack Hacker has a list of considerations you must make for your day packs!

Setting your sights on Guatemala? Visit Buena Onda!

At Buena Onda, we will make sure all your needs are met when volunteering overseas. To start planning your trip, contact us today!

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