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Buena Onda ::: Your Local Volunteer Placement Agency

We Offer The Best Personalized Volunteer Trips in Guatemala 

Buena Onda specializes in finding impactful, effective volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups interested in authentic experiences in responsible volunteering. Based in Guatemala, we are committed to working one-to-one with each volunteer or group leader, so that the experience enriches all involved. We appreciate the time, energy and care that you devote to your project, and we feel it's important to give the attention and respect that an incoming volunteer deserves. Buena Onda is about personalized service in the interest of effective volunteer experiences, and we collaborate with you to find the best project that engages your passions and goals.

BUENA ONDA Administration Fee: $100 US per person

As we value transparency in all of our partner projects, we want to be upfront about the Buena Onda fee. We think it is important that projects put their resources into the communities with which they work; as such, we don't receive any financial returns from our partners. Our administration fee allows Buena Onda to continue our activities in the service of responsible volunteering. 


- Our 'Build Your Trip' service, including paying your bills before you arrive

- Placing you with a project you are excited about

- Coordination of an accommodation which meets your budget  

- Transport coordination (to/from airport, around Guatemala) with our trusted drivers

- Orientation of the area around your project location

- Assistance organizing Spanish classes with the best schools and private tutors

- All support before, during, and after volunteer project placement

- Travel advice and tips, including trusted providers around Guatemala

Our Mission

Buena Onda provides effective and impactful volunteer experiences founded in mutual respect and clear and consistent communication between volunteers, project staff, and community members. Volunteer energy is a valuable resource and Buena Onda engages the volunteer or group leader to build an experience that exceeds goals and serves as a true benefit to Guatemala's development.

Why Guatemala? 


In a country as rich in culture, kindness and beauty, there is still so many ways that your volunteer time here, applied responsibly, has lasting and beneficial impact. Guatemala has a close-knit community of active and interesting changemakers and volunteers have the opportunity to serve an important role in the positive development work. Guatemala continually struggles with issues such as lack of education, malnutrition, gender inequality, poverty, pollution and street animals, but there are steps of inspiring, even if incremental, progress every day. Volunteers in Guatemala have the opportunity to contribute to projects in hands-on, direct action with caring folks in a strong effort for a healthier, more just future.  

Buena Onda recognizes the level of impact you have individually as a volunteer, and brings that out by pairing you with the organization that can benefit from your skills the most. We know there is great and lasting impact that you can offer to communities in Guatemala. Buena Onda doesn't offer canned volunteer experiences; instead we believe that you want to lend your knowledge and energy in responsible ways while still having a personally enriching time. The best of all volunteer worlds is achievable, and we invest our experience and resources into every unique volunteer request.