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Why do an unpaid internship?

Internships have become an essential component of personal and professional success in whatever your field. 

Internships not only set you apart from your peers in your adaptability and communication skills, but they also enable you to confidently talk with potential employers about your strengths and identify your areas for improvement, all based on your real-world experience.   

  • Hands-on experience with transferable skills to any business situation
  • Dynamic professional development that fosters creative and analytical thought
  • Learning from dedicated professionals in the field 
  • Grow as an individual
  • Possibility of transitioning into a full-time position




Intern with buena onda

Develop your Spanish skills (most spoken language in the world), find your flexibility, learn to love the quirks of life and work in a developing country, and build on and apply your academic learning in the support of a local community...let Buena Onda help you take this important step!

  • Minimum commitment required is 3 months; interns are accepted on a rolling basis according to partner project needs
  • The Buena Onda fee for internships is $300 US. Because interning is part of your academic career, we focus on the overall applicability to your university requirements, and pair you accordingly. We stay in contact with your university throughout your experience and we abide by all paperwork and administrative pieces needed.

Why work with Buena Onda? 

Buena Onda connects you with local partners that are actively looking for young professionals to intern with their team. Buena Onda screens all partners to ensure that the internship will be a symbiotic relationship for both the intern and the project. These opportunities are not desk jobs, you are expected to participate in the community and your perspectives and ideas are valuable components of project development. Likewise, when you intern with one of our project partners, you can be sure that you will gain important skills through mentoring and hands-on training by the project staff. We believe that internships are integral to the professional and personal development of any university student and that a well-crafted intern experience directly contributes to success in the future.

What kind of projects does Buena Onda work with?

Buena Onda partners are grassroots organizations in Guatemala that are working towards meaningful local change and, because governmental support is not strong in Guatemala, these projects demonstrate effective outcomes in response to the real-time needs of their communities. Projects range from sustainable farming, women’s empowerment, alternative education, agriculture and food safety, community development and communications and social media. We add new partners to our roster after our internal vetting process, and for this reason we are able to find you an internship that fits with your unique interests and career goals. 

What kind of internships are available?

Buena Onda is working with its partners to develop both part-time and full-time internship opportunities for those who are looking to gain valuable experience and develop their professional and personal skills. Some available internships include: 

  • Grant-Writing and Development Internship with an education project
  • Social and Digital Media Internship with an education project
  • Communications Internship with women's legal and civil rights NGO
  • Literacy Development Internship with a school for special needs children
  • Developmental Education and Occupational Therapy  Internship with a school for special needs children
  • Fundraising and Marketing Internship with a girl's empowerment project
  • ...and more!

Co-operative education 

If your university or college requires you to do a co-op term, we are happy to comply with any requirements for the fulfillment of your particular program.