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Our Purpose is Your Educational and Professional Development

Buena Onda is a grassroots network of dedicated, community-based NGOs and social business partners all working towards a more equal and sustainable future for Guatemala. An internship through Buena Onda provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with local leaders on innovative solutions to real-time challenges. These internships are active and interactive, in that you are a team member with unique skills and knowledge to help move the organization forward. Definitely no desk jobs here, our internships immerse you in the culture, challenges, and wonder of life in a developing country.

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How are Buena Onda internships different from the rest?

For us, everything begins and ends with education. We approach your internship from years of professional experience in the classroom and experiential learning. That means that we and our partners develop opportunities that address your educational goals while you are making valuable contributions to the community. We educate our partners on the important difference between interns and volunteers so that you can be confident that your internship supports your professional future. Buena Onda interns are active team members on a nonstop learning curve, not stuck behind a desk and computer. If you are a motivated self-starter, comfortable in always-evolving environments, like interacting with your colleagues, and are looking for a life-changing experience, then get in contact with us!

Buena Onda asks for a one-time (US) $300 coordination fee to organize the many moving pieces into a successful internship opportunity. The coordination fee is due upon your acceptance of your internship placement.

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Why is there a (US) $300 Coordination Fee?

We know very well that our partners are busy folks. To support their tireless efforts, we offer consulting and workforce solutions to strengthen their teams and activities. By coordinating the onboarding, orientation, and logistics pieces of every relocation, Buena Onda…

  • Removes the stress from the intern and organization, allowing them both to focus on the good work to follow.
  • Works directly with you to secure comfortable and safe accommodation, transportation, and any other items needed for you to arrive confident and ready to go from the start.
  • Maintains active communication with all interns before and during their time in Guatemala.
  • Assists in the timely completion of any paperwork required from your university in order to finalize your internship.
  • Facilitates communication between you and your project so that you can formatize a plan ahead of time, ensuring that your internship is a real growth experience.

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