How Can We Help?

Buena Onda supports the growth and development of community-based organizations across Guatemala with both volunteers and capacity-building resources. We are always developing new strategies to reach more Guatemalan communities and international volunteers. Check out Our Standards to learn more about the commitment our organizational partners, our volunteers, and Buena Onda make to each other and to Guatemala’s future.

Lead by Example – Collaborations for Community Development

Buena Onda has joined forces with Pionero Philanthropy and El Directorio Guatemala, two local Guatemalan organizations dedicated to capacity-building and communication at the organizational level. With the infrastructure development available through Pionero and El Directorio, communities learn the tools to utilize volunteer time for maximum impact. As our partners address their internal processes, Buena Onda provides the on-the-ground, human resources needed to complete community projects. Together, we encourage intentional growth and sustainable success. Learn more about Pionero and El Directorio below.

Pionero Philanthropy is a nonprofit assessment organization that provides verified information about Guatemalan nonprofits for stakeholders to access online and via our consultancy services.

Pionero Philanthropy was created to fill the information gap and in response to the clear demand for data regarding the nonprofit environment in Guatemala.

We believe that reliable information leads to more effective giving and that together, we can create a brighter future for Guatemalan communities.

El Directorio Guatemala connects organizations focused on community development and social justice in Guatemala. Search our database, learn about our events, and create your own free organizational profile in order to join our community of over 120 organizations looking to connect and collaborate! We work better together!

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