A successful group trip balances collaborative community service, authentic cultural immersion, best safety practices, and relaxing fun. With our local knowledge and experienced staff, we customize your trip to meet your group’s goals and needs.

Benefits of planning your group trip with Buena Onda

Community-driven, impactful project placement

Volunteer projects are developed in close collaboration with our community partners, meaning that your support directly and positively impacts local goals. With our diverse network of partner organizations all across Guatemala, we stay current with the latest development initiatives and our volunteers contribute to ongoing progress towards a better future for all Guatemalans.

Customized itineraries specific to your group

Whether a high school, university, or professional group, we work with one-to-one with group leaders to design trips that align with your goals, while responsibly serving Guatemalan communities.

Safe and engaging cultural immersion

Our whole team is based in Guatemala, which allows us to develop relationships with communities that offer unique immersion opportunities. Because of our direct interaction, we stay up-to-date with any developments so that you know our information is accurate and your safety is our first priority.

Communication, continuity, and confidence

We value open, quick, and reliable communication in the planning and in-country stages of your trip. We connect you with the in-country coordinator who will be with your group prior to your arrival, so that you already have a working relationship when you get here.

Never wonder what you are paying for

We work with you to construct itemized, transparent budgets, then we pay all the bills before your arrival.

Experienced and bilingual in-country coordinators

All Buena Onda staff live in Guatemala and every one of us is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Your in-country coordinator is there to support you with any communication or logistical needs.

How it Works


It all starts with a conversation.

We want to know about your group. Goals, schedule, interests, initial budget...these are all important to know so that we can craft an itinerary that meets your requirements.


We draft an itinerary for your review.

With the details gathered from our first contact, we put together an itinerary that highlights immersion,cross-cultural communication, and lots of opportunities for experiential learning. Core to every itinerary we develop is the safety and comfort of the group.


We review the budget.

Included in the first draft of the itinerary are the costs associated with different activities. We go over the costs with you and adjust as needed.


You prepare your group to come to Guatemala!

While you get your group excited to go to Guatemala, we secure all the logistics for your arrival. Our team is hard at work so your trip moves along seamlessly. Our goal is that your group gets fully immersed in the experience. With dedicated pre-planning, your group won’t even notice the behind-the-scenes work that went into the trip!


Enjoy a lifelong learning experience.

Let us think through the logistics while your group is in-country. Your first priority is your group’s cohesion, our first priority is you. With our local knowledge, trusted partners and providers, professional coordinators and mentors, and valuable experience with groups of many sizes, Buena Onda has you covered.

What is your group Like?

Note that these are sample itineraries. Actual activities may change, depending on your placement location. We build your customized itinerary with you to incorporate all your group’s goals and needs.

High Schools

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Adults and Professionals

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