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Whether you are mid-career, seeking a unique professional development experience, or enjoying retirement, there is room to grow in mind and spirit!

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to Guatemala. With your colleagues, your group can apply your experience to help a local community achieve their development goals. As enriching as it is rewarding, the experience of authentic exchange emphasizes collaboration between cultures. At Buena Onda, we match our Professionals+ groups with projects where your skills create the most positive and lasting impact. We never stop learning from those around us and, with well-run programs, we look forward to making your time in
Guatemala as interesting for you as it is supportive for our local partners.

What We Offer

Our personal and professional service lets you enjoy the experience with the peace of mind that a local team is ready to help at moment’s notice. We match the skills, knowledge, and interests of your group with a community that is seeking that kind of support. Your experience strengthens their sustainability. So,how can Buena Onda help you?

Purposeful project placement that matches your skills and interests with the needs of our community partners

Accessible, clear budgets that highlight comfort while respecting expense

Settling and paying all bills before you arrive

Custom-designed itineraries that fit with your schedule and requests

Arranging safe and comfortable accommodation

Coordinating reliable and safe transportation with our trusted drivers

Your own Buena Onda coordinator with your group throughout your entire time in Guatemala

Travel advice and local tips to fully explore Guatemala

Travel advice and tips to fully explore Guatemala

Arrival meeting full of local tips about your new surroundings

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Buena Onda Coordination Fee

(US) $100 per participant

Volunteering is a commitment and a responsibility. Our volunteers are immersed in local culture and traditions, with the understanding that you are an important member of a team. Check out our Standards to see the common ground that our volunteers and community partners share.

Ready to start working on your group’s Guatemala adventure? Contact us now!