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Disconnect from the rush of university life and connect to Guatemala! Buena Onda is here to match you with a community where you can put your skills and knowledge to work! Climb a volcano, drift along black sand beaches, experience a Mayan cacao and fire ceremony, contribute to progress and an equitable future for Guatemala’s most vulnerable communities. We’re ready to help make it happen for you!

Buena Onda works directly with trip leaders to organize every aspect of your university trip. We place our groups according to real community need. Our local experience and international approach ensure that your trip is as educationally rewarding as it is personally enriching. With well-run programs, university students develop cross-cultural communication skills, self-confidence, and the critical and flexible thinking that strengthen future professional opportunities.

We know, too, that university students need to blow off some steam! Guatemala offers fantastic adventure as much as relaxing downtime. We work with the best guides, drivers, and outfitters to make every excursion an unforgettable as we know it can be.

Read Professor Tom Lennon’s review of his university’s three-week trip to Guatemala with Buena Onda.

Let Buena Onda help take the stress out of the planning process! Our local experience and international approach ensure that your trip is as educationally rewarding as it is personally enriching.

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What We Offer

Our personal service supports your educational and logistical goals every step of the way.

Placing your group with impactful and sustainable community projects, that highlight the skills and knowledge your group has to offer

Transparent budgets with the option to have us pay all the bills before your arrival in Guatemala

Custom designed itineraries that fit with your budget, schedule, and requests

Confirming safe and comfortable accommodation suitable for university students, including host family options

Coordinating reliable and safe transportation with our trusted drivers

Arrival orientation full of local tips about your new surroundings

A group Mentor, to accompany your group and help with any communication, cultural, or logistical needs (optional)

Coordinating with hosting organizations to maximize educational and immersion goals

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Buena Onda Coordination Fee

(US) $200 per participant

Our volunteers are immersed in local culture and traditions, with the understanding that you are an important member of a team. Check out our Standards to see the common ground that our volunteers and community partners share.

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