Impact and opportunity are waiting for you in Guatemala! The diversity of our community partnerships lets us match you with a project that emphasizes your professional future while contributing to local development goals. Even if non-profit work is not your goal, the cross-cultural, communication, management, and critical thinking skills you gain serve you in any professional setting for the rest of your career. The self-confidence, flexibility, and open mind you develop help you push past any challenges that get in your way. So, set yourself apart from the rest with an international internship on your resume!

Internships Oportunities
Experiential Learning Cultural Immersion Professional Development are waiting for you in Guatemala!

What You Get With Buena Onda

Placement with a community-driven project that aligns with your educational and professional goals

Complete collaboration with your university to meet all protocols and requirements

Custom-designed itineraries to fit your budget, schedule, and needs

Pre-departure and ongoing in-country support from our 100% locally-based team

Safe and comfortable accommodation within your budget

Airport transfers and reliable, safe transportation to project sites with trusted drivers

Assistance with Spanish-language schools and private tutors

In-person arrival orientation

Travel advice and tips from our team to help you fully explore Guatemala

Travel advice and tips from local staff to help you fully explore Guatemala

In-person orientation, including local tips about your new community

We coordinate with our hosting partners to define learnings
outcomes that will meet your university requirements.

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Buena Onda Coordination Fee

$300 USD per participant

An internship is a commitment and a responsibility. Buena Onda interns are immersed in local culture and traditions, with the understanding that you are an important member of a team. Check out our Standards to see the common ground that our interns and community partners share.

Are you ready for life as a global citizen? Want to find out what intern opportunities are available to you in Guatemala? Contact us NOW!