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Buena onda strengthens the social good community by connecting professionals who want to donate their time with community organizations who need their skills.

Your Skills are Valuable to Guatemalan Community Organizations

We match your skills, experience, and interests with communities looking for your help. Check out our Skills Menu to see the many ways that you can offer your support from your own home.


Virtual volunteering offers a level of support to grassroots organizations that allows them to focus on infrastructure projects that often get pushed aside,

Virtual volunteering is a fantastic way to get to know a local Guatemalan community so that you already have friends waiting when you visit Guatemala someday.

Puting Your Skills Into Action

Virtual volunteers offer a new response to community
challenges, by contributing your skills to secure the
longevity of our grassroots partners!


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“Together with Cojolya, we are working on creating a database of textile techniques and colours that they have available. Our main goal is to develop two new big collections to reach new clients: One for interior decoration and another one for handmade woven bags.

All my personal work is about preserving textile techniques across the world. My speech wouldn't make sense if I don't actively work on helping small communities to grow and to maintain their textile heritage alive. What Cojolya is doing amazes me as the quality of their woven textiles is unbelievably beautiful and a true reflection of their own culture.”

Cindy, London

“I’m Ana and I currently live in the Netherlands, but I’m originally from Spain. So far I’m really enjoying volunteering in Maya Traditions. I’m learning a lot in terms of communication and marketing skills, but also about a reality of the indigenous groups in Guatemala that, thanks to these types of organizations and volunteers, is changing for the better. Virtual volunteering is a unique opportunity that makes you realize that you do not have to do big things to make big changes. Being in the Netherlands and contributing to the work Maya Traditions is doing in Guatemala is a privilege that I could have never imagined was a possibility.”

Ana, The netherlands

I wanted to volunteer to gain a deeper understanding and insight to a different culture, share my time and give back to others whilst I was travelling. And once I heard Anita’s story I had to help!

My experience with Anita has been inspiring and moving; she has taught me that life is about sharing and about people. I’ve learnt about and seen first hand the importance of education in breaking the poverty cycle. One of the moments that resonated with me a lot was donating a phone to a special boy called Selvin in order for him to continue his education during the pandemic. It made me cherish my own education more as well as realise how knowledge can be a catalyst for opportunity.

In the future I hope to sponsor children to go to school, at just £5 a month per child for secondary school. I have been overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity of the people here in Guatemala. The culture is full of colour and creativity despite being hit hard by the pandemic.

For my advice to anyone considering volunteering with Buena Onda or travelling in Guatemala - do it!

Jessica Baker , England

You can still be a part of building a better future for Guatemala, even if you aren't able to be there on the ground! Buena Onda offers virtual volunteer opportunities with our partners. These are more focused around infrastructure and capacity-building support that is always needed but there isn't usually time for in the day-to-day rush. With your help, Guatemalan grassroots organizations get stronger!

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