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Volunteer Testimonial: Saying Goodbye to Guatemala

February 3, 2020

Buena Onda Volunteers Thank You

By William Deboer, Buena Onda Volunteer Hello everyone! I hope all of our readers are doing well and I am glad to have the honor of one of our last […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: The Importance of Spanish Lessons

January 29, 2020

Bunea Onda Volunteers

By Anderson Shamar Melendez, Buena Onda Volunteer The day started at 05:45 so we can shower and get ready to go to breakfast at Violetta’s. For breakfast, we had cereal […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: Looking Back At An Amazing Experience

January 29, 2020

School mural Buena Onda

By James Tringale, Buena Onda Volunteer Hello to all of our followers! Today marks the first day of our final week in Guatemala! My time here has gone by so […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: Making Breakfast for 50 Kids is No Easy Task

January 25, 2020

breakfast buena onda

By William Deboer, Buena Onda Volunteer Today’s morning started out the same as most other days with us all waking up at 05:45 and getting a glass of water or […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: Volcanos, Hard Work, and Spanish Lessons

January 25, 2020

volcano buena onda

By David Moore, Buena Onda Volunteer Today I woke up earlier than usual, wanting to get a couple of moments to myself before the day started. I went on the […]

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A Day in the Life of a Bunea Onda Volunteer

January 17, 2020

volunteers buena onda

By William Deboer, Volunteer Morning Today we all woke up at around 5:45 to go and grab a coffee and shower to get ready for work. Some of us preferred […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: The Three Villages That Need Our Help

January 11, 2020

Volcano Buena Onda

By James Tringale, Buena Onda Volunteer Hello to everyone following our Guatemala trip so far! Today is Saturday in Antigua, Guatemala. Our day began with a homemade breakfast at the […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: Grateful for the Experience

May 21, 2018

Volunteer testimonials

By Erica, a Buena Onda Volunteer I am so pleased with my experience with Buena Onda and can’t imagine a better two months in Guatemala! Having been to Guatemala three […]

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Volunteer Testimonial: A Magical Experience in Guatemala

January 20, 2018

magical experience

By Becca, a Buena Onda Volunteer Long term volunteering was always a dream of mine- finding the time, resources and right organization to work through was the challenge. As a […]

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The Beauty of Being Outside Your Comfort Zone

September 29, 2017

sky view of forest

I have always found that there’s something particularly special about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether that means going to a new country, working in a different field, or […]

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