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A collection of stories from Buena Onda volunteers & staff

Volunteer Testimonial

The Buena Onda staff are always happy to receive feedback from our amazing volunteers. We thought we'd share the first-hand experience of one of our hard-working volunteers in Lake Atítlan. Stephen came to Guatemala and volunteered for six months. His project was focused on nutrition development in a clinic dedicated to the Atitlan indigenous community. You can find the original post here on the blog Volcanoes and Beans.

"For the past nine weeks, I’ve been having a purely ecstatic experience in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala and I can give credit in large part to Scott Garrison’s stupendous NGO Buena Onda. Granted there have been some serious challenges, most notably some stomach sickness and the near daily occurence of stepping in dog doo. However, by volunteering with the NGO ODIM which provides health services to the indigenouz Tz’utujil of Lake Atitlán, I have a reason to plug into the community and get a rare authentic inside view of daily life. The friendliness, openness and gratitude that I have been shown by the San Juan community quite frankly has blown my mind. The contributions I have made to the clinic in the areas of diabetes and maternal/child health have been valuable enough for the clinic to take me on as a paid employee they had not previously budgeted for. Paid or unpaid, I can honestly say that the experience enriched my life beyond measure. I sincerely thank Buena Onda for giving me the inside knowledge about the towns and the organizations to find the perfect match for me, without which I might not be having the incredible experience I am having now. Buenda Onda costs almost nothing compared to other volunteer placement organizations, and the service is very personalized. Scott will help you work out all the logistics of transportation, accomodation and customs and answer any questions you might have about safety, culture shock, lettuce and which smart phone apps are absolutely essential. Guatemala, according to many linguistic scholars, means colorful land. Don’t miss out on the colorful experience of a lifetime — Contact Buena Onda!" 

Thank you for the feedback Stephen!