Testimonial: “I feel lucky to have been able to contribute…”

Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura

By Marli Allard, former Buena Onda intern

My experience at the Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura was an amazing opportunity to learn about permaculture, understand Mayan culture, and experience life in Guatemala. Buena Onda’s work before my co-op internship guided me to find the perfect placement at IMAP. Having Buena Onda’s help organizing the logistics made the transition into Guatemalan life very easy. Throughout my time at IMAP I had the chance to work with incredibly knowledgeable and caring people who shared both their culture and their work experience. IMAP’s intern program allowed me to choose areas of interest and develop a program focused on what I was interested in working on. This all created the perfect educational and cultural experience that will be a lasting memory and hold a special place in my heart. IMAP is doing incredible work in Guatemala, and I feel lucky to have been able to contribute to its work and vision.