The Best Season Of The Year to Volunteer in Guatemala

guatemala street view in antigua during the warmer season

Guatemala showcases itself as a self-made tropical country that promotes a helping hand– it welcomes tourists and volunteers as its own people. Guatemala is a tropical country as it does experience tropical weather such as dry and wet seasons throughout the year. As a volunteer, you want to be certain of what experience you will be getting during the season of the year you will be going.

In Guatemala, people refer to it as the country that has an external Spring. Most of the year, it is warm and has occasional chilly nights. Want to figure out the best time to volunteer? It’s suggested that the best time to go is from November to April due to it not being in the wet season of the year. No one wants to go to a beautiful country and be stuck inside most of their time. If you don’t care about the weather and want to go when there are fewer people, your best opportunity would be during the wet season, which is from May to October. This season predominantly has rain showers in the afternoon. You can still try exploring in the mornings and nights out in the town.

#1. Dry Season

The dry season of Guatemala ranges from November to April and is considered the best time to visit, especially if you’re wanting to explore Guatemala’s nature while volunteering — whether it’s taking hikes or wanting to explore the ruins of Guatemala. You should expect the climate in March to be overly hot and humid due to the rainy season approaching.

The elevation also is a determining factor in the weather of Guatemala. In the dry season, the altitudes of Guatemala City, Antigua, Lago de Atitlan, and Chichicastenango don’t have humidity; they mainly have dry heat. Higher elevated cities such as Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, and El Quiché often have chillier days and colder nights even during the dry season. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes in case you’re in one of the cities with a higher elevation.

The dry season is the peak tourist month so be aware you will be seeing the majority of people visiting during these months. If you’re planning on going during the dry season, be sure to coordinate travel plans due to the over amount of booking. Also, the prices will be higher in these months due to the demand of tourists.

#2. Wet Season

The wet season generally spans the months of May to October in Guatemala. The majority of the rain falls in two months which is usually in September and October. However, it typically only rains in the afternoon and will stop by nightfall. You still have part of the day to go do things in the morning and nightfall.

Due to the rain, you might happen to see mudslides and landslides in the riviera. Always be cautious when hiking into the more remote spots of the country. Even in the ruins, there are dirt roads and are more untouched by society. Always call ahead of time to make sure the roads are clear and not blocked. Also, make sure that it is safe for you to be there during the rainy day. Safety is key especially when being in a country that is foreign to you.

If you choose to go in this season, your time will be quieter due to less demand in the wet season. This is good if you’re wanting to get away from society and have a peaceful time just exploring with fewer people around. It will be cheaper as well due to the less demand which will save you some cash in traveling, which is never a bad thing!

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