Volunteer Testimonial: Making Breakfast for 50 Kids is No Easy Task

breakfast buena onda

By William Deboer, Buena Onda Volunteer

Today’s morning started out the same as most other days with us all waking up at 05:45 and getting a glass of water or coffee. We headed over to Violleta’s house at 06:25 and were fed waffles and bananas with syrup. It tasted very good and I was unable to finish off my entire plate! After breakfast, my group and I headed over to our worksite in San Gaspar with our mentor Andrea.

Our worksite is located in the school known as Brillo de Sol and is a unique school that works with the special needs children in the surrounding pueblos. What my group did today was feed the kids breakfast, we cleaned out the tires and painted them to be used in the playground area, finished putting together the fabric lining above the little kids play area and started to build a play area out of some spare parts in the school. The hardest thing to do today was definitely making the kids breakfast. We made them fried plantains, coffee and beans which sounds very simple however we could only fry about fifteen plantains at a time and each child ate about four.

Tire swing

There are around fifty kids in the morning that attend the school so we were cooking for quite a while. After the children were fed we got to doing our work. Ainsly and I hung up and stapled the tarps together to be used as shade for the little kids in their play area. After that, we were given two old soccer goal posts and put them together with some excess rope and put on the cleaned and painted tires in the center of it. We spent the rest of our time trying to figure out the best way of securing the tire to the posts and settled on a star type design that holds the tire in place. The goal for tomorrow is to lace up three more tires and put them into the structure to create a place for the kids to play on. After finishing up our design we caught a bus back to Antigua for lunch where Violetta made us steak, rice, and white beans. It tasted absolutely delicious and I couldn’t tell whether to give credit to Violetta or to ourselves for being so hungry from working.

After eating, we got a few minutes of downtime before Spanish class started so a few of us went up to the terrace and hung out. When Spanish class started my teacher and I went over the past tense which was the main lesson from last class. After reviewing for an hour or so we went into today’s lesson which was in the future tense and it was a lot easier to learn than I expected. Essentially you just take the regular form of the verb and add one of three endings, it was very simple. To wrap up my lesson, my teacher talked to John’s teacher and we played spanish Scrabble with each other. It was very fun and allows us as students to learn new words that we otherwise wouldn’t come across.

Today was a great day for both knowledge gain and work being accomplished. All of us are in high spirits as we have a very fun trip coming up to Hobbitanango. I can’t wait to see how much more work we can get done before tomorrow ends and we switch sites. Thanks for tuning in everyone! I will see you all next time!