Volunteer Testimonial: Photography and Storytelling Workshops in Chimaltenango

kids with their hands up

Greg arrived three weeks ago with his camera and a plan to work with students at a school in Chimaltenango. When he arrived, he knew this would be both a challenging and meaningful experience. After his three weeks, Greg shared these works with us:

“Tonight is my last night here, I’m packed, the shuttle is picking me up at 7:30, and it’s all a little sad to be going. I’ve made friends with the tienda-keeper down the street and I’ve enjoyed hanging out there with him and his friends. I’ll see them again tonight before I go. The tailored-to-fit teaching situation arranged through Buena Onda turned out to be as challenging and rewarding as I had hoped. Buena Onda’s coordination, organization, and general suggestions were thoughtful and smoothed over those sometimes bumpy transitions of travel and adjustment. I became a member of the community here in Antigua, not just another tourist, and the students I worked with were enthusiastic, energetic, and overall a joy.”

Thank you, Greg, for spending your time in Guatemala with Buena Onda! Your energy and commitment have certainly left a lasting impact on those you interacted with here in Guatemala.