Volunteer Testimonial: The Three Villages That Need Our Help

Volcano Buena Onda

By James Tringale, Buena Onda Volunteer

Hello to everyone following our Guatemala trip so far! Today is Saturday in Antigua, Guatemala. Our day began with a homemade breakfast at the Comedor el Peregrino cooked by Violetta. It was a typical Guatemalan breakfast of eggs, ham, beans, tortillas, and plantains: delicious!

After breakfast, we headed to the bus stop where we caught a bus to San Antonio. The busses that we take around Antigua are called Chicken buses. They are old buses taken from the U.S. and sent to Antigua. It cost about 4 or 5 Quetzales to ride which equals less than 1 U.S. dollar! These buses are packed and the drivers go very fast.

villages bunea onda

villages bunea ondaSan Antonio is the first of three villages that we will be working in over the next three weeks. A village in Guatemala is known as a pueblo. One thing I learned today was that at each pueblo, there is a central park with water fountains and a church. In San Antonio, we walked through a textile shop where people sold things they made by hand such as blankets, quilts, belts and backpacks. We will be working in San Antonio to help repair houses for kids who go to school. We will be building concrete floors and replacing tin roofs.

After San Antonio, we took a bus back to Comedor el Peregrino to eat lunch and then headed to our second job site. The second pueblo was called San Gaspar. During our stay in Guatemala, we will be working at a school in San Gaspar to help make it bigger so more kids can go there. The kids going to this school have disabilities that make it hard for them to learn, so we are helping these kids go to school just like all of you!

After San Gaspar, we headed to the last job site in a pueblo called Santa Maria. This pueblo is in a village on the side of a volcano named Agua. Here we will be helping make a playground out of tires.

After visiting the three pueblos, we headed back to Antigua to get some coffee and relax. Some of my friends and I walked through the local market, where I bought a soccer jersey, a hat and some snacks. We ended our day by having dinner at a local pizza place in town called Central Park Pizza! We ordered seven pizzas and watched the football game on TV. Even though I have only been in Guatemala for four days, it is my favorite place I have ever visited. I feel safe and everyone here is very friendly and kind. Thank you all for listening and enjoy some pictures from the day below!