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Build Your Trip

You’ve made the great decision to volunteer in Guatemala. Now you need help with the logistics and questions. You come with an open mind and an open heart, you deserve the confidence that comes with local expertise and clear, quick communication. Relax and think about all the wonderful work you will do in Guatemala, and let Buena Onda handle the planning. Bienvenido!

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How Do I Build My Trip?

When you build your trip with Buena Onda, we provide the local knowledge and expertise so you can confidently choose what best works for you. We offer insights into volunteer project options and recommendations on accommodation, transportation, and other logistical concerns. All within the budget you give us. We present the options, you make the final decisions, and we’ll send you the final invoice, with which we include the option to pay all your bills before your arrival. Relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that we have organized everything for you!

The Easy Steps to Build My Trip with Buena Onda

  • Send us an email through our contact page
  • We’ll arrange a Skype or phone call to speak about your specific interests and needs
  • We set you up with the right project, transportation, and accommodation
  • With your approval, costs are added to your invoice so that you clearly understand what your initial expenses are.
  • We offer a bill pay service, where we settle your accounts before your arrival. No worrying about immediately changing money or finding an ATM!

Building your trip with Buena Onda takes unnecessary guesswork out of your first days in Guatemala. Contact us to start putting yours together today!

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