Why You Should Do Volunteer Work While Young

doing volunteer work while young

While there are obvious benefits to volunteering, such as transforming communities and helping those in need in countless ways, the advantage less talked about is the ways it changes you for the better. These effects are maximized even more so by teens, with lessons they learn and experiences they gain helping shape the person they become. Utilizing the chances they are given to volunteer is one of the best decisions they can make for their future. Although volunteer work is done for others, there are many reasons kids won’t leave without being changed themselves.

Learn Valuable Skills

Volunteering has the ability to teach you skills you can’t learn in a classroom when growing up. When in school you may work on a group project, but there is nothing comparable to the teamwork and collaboration learned in the real world. You will be in groups changing people’s lives, and you need to work together to develop plans to make this happen in the most effective way possible.

To figure this out another skill comes to play: problem solving. Knowing how to adapt and eliminate an issue or use it to the best of your ability is a quality necessary for any part of your life in the future, and employers are always looking for this. The skills themselves helping you enough already as volunteering in general looks impressive to all professionals. Seeing volunteer work on a resume shows an employer that the individual is dedicated to making a change for the better and reaching their goals, and they have real-life experience under their belt. Whether you gain from it from a professional perspective or you learn ways to improve your personal life, you will set yourself up for success by volunteering.

Volunteer Work Teaches Respect and Values

Growing up as a kid, many people are taught social skills, such as being aware of others. Implementing volunteering into a young person’s routine as they learn about this part of life will not only help them become more aware, but it will show them how to make a change based on what they observe and put others needs first at times. Once they understand the importance of this concept they will be able to make it a part of their life and their responsibility, knowing that empathy for others and their situation is something you are able to use to help them.

Volunteering while young also shows children and teens that real change is the product of hard work. Not only through physical labor, but their ability to make decisions and solutions and see a community or person be better because of it teaches them the importance of being a helpful citizen and leaves them wanting to see more of a change because of them. This will result in them becoming active leaders and an asset to the community.

Makes New Connections Around the World

As expected, volunteering allows you to meet countless new people you never would have otherwise met. Growing up, your social circle may be limited to people you have known for years, and have had similar lives. When volunteering, you are able to meet people that most likely have similar interests, but could have had a completely different life. Learning from others experiences and teaching them your own helps you become a more well rounded individual and gives you new perspectives to examine. These lifelong friends help you unlock new versions of yourself and will always challenge you to be the best person you can.

Professional connections also come out of volunteering. Finding a mentor throughout your experience is a common thing to happen. This mentor will not only guide you through other parts of your life, but can also be a strong source for a letter of recommendation. Making professional connections can also introduce you to more opportunities, helping put your “foot in the door” for a position you otherwise would have not been looked at for. While some may be friendships for fun, and others professional relationships, both are incredibly valuable outcomes of volunteering.

Volunteer Work Allows You to Learn About Yourself

During your youth, there are so many unknowns, and one big one for many people is where your passion is and what you want to do with your life. Volunteering is possibly the best way to dip your toes in the water.

For example, you can volunteer in the medical field, with animals, with the elderly, in the outdoors, all helping you nail down what makes you most happy and what you can do best. These are things you can’t figure out in a classroom or at home, but it’s something you have to do at one point or another to make sure you’re doing what you love for the rest of your life. While helping you figure out your interests, it also helps you learn how to heal yourself. In a world where mental health is increasingly more important, volunteering has given people a sense of belonging and confidence as an outcome of seeing their efforts make a difference. This creates happier, powerful feeling citizens.

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